Having no clue what’s considered good in the industry, I only brought negative impact on the said industry. Yeah, the amount of that impact was not that big, but there are thousands and thousands of coders like I was at the time, and they all contribute. And only when a big client of mine told me he was not perfectly fine with my services, I realized how much off course my path brought me. I spent 1.5 years of being a Junior Front End Developer without actually qualifying as one. The gaps I had were so huge, and the bad practices were so usual, that I had to learn it from ground zero. Except, I could not actually forget all my experience to start anew.

In this article, I’m going to give you a few tips how to increase your chances to be hired as a junior frontend developer. We are looking for a Frontend Developer/Web Editor who is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. As a Frontend developer/ Web Editor, you will be working closely with our amazing graphic design team. You are passionate about development and design, and constantly want to improve. Your goals are set extremely high and you plan to eventually become the best in your field. I got a job 4 months after I started my coding journey, and my job was to do some very nasty CSS coding.


All things considered, junior front-end developers are necessary for the sustainability of most companies and the overall software development industry. For this position, we are only considering senior students from the previous year who are able to work the required hours or recent graduates. Please note that we will not consider candidates who plan to combine several jobs. Your schedule can be flexible, the development team is located in European cities, but you need to adjust your schedule from time to time to have overlapping hours with managers based in Boston . Once you have your basics down, it’s time to start gaining experience. I know that’s what you are looking for right now, but you can get it with a bit of an effort.

  • These are usually the tasks of project managers, but 32% of development jobs require them, and another 7% list them on the nice-to-have list.
  • I will do my best to teach you some tricks of CSS and JavaScript that I learned reading, practicing and implementing on my projects.
  • Some may even be hired to shadow experienced developers to help sharpen their technical knowledge and expertise.
  • With Node.js front-end developers can minimize delays and process a high quantity of requests.
  • Most importantly, your junior front-end engineers should have great time management skills.

Most importantly, they form the basis of any future developers that will find their way into the software and IT industry. Aloa is a company that ensures all its resources have the necessary skills required to work on multidimensional projects – be it for web or mobile.

Mastering development process

We build products and teams around them enabling our clients to bring the difference to the world. We’re a young company with a start-up mentality and hunger to be the best. In less than 5 years NA-KD has become one of the fastest growing fashion e-com brand in the world. And if you dream of going to work every day to build the next big thing – then welcome home. As a Junior Front-End Developer, you will join a team of four highly efficient and enthusiastic developers. You will help make small improvements, debug technical issues, and assist with marketing updates. This is so extensive and really complex because the essential is to learn the bases and continue step by step learning about JavaScript.

junior front end developer

There are other front-end frameworks and libraries that only appear in senior job ads. The framework jQuery is an exception among frameworks in that all other frameworks have a higher proportion at the senior level than the junior level, but here, the reverse is true.

CSS preprocessors

Junior positions require jQuery more (15%) than senior positions (11%). With Aloa, you can further ensure that you have the best resources available for your web and application development projects. Contact us at to begin your front-end developer hiring process today or find out more about our services by visiting the Aloa website. Senior developers have an expert-level understanding of all the technology required to efficiently code for the front end and ensure their how to become a front end developer codebase runs smoothly with the back end too. Junior front-end developers help translate an existing web design to look and function on mobile platforms. And when cross-platform development is required, these developers can ensure both versions look and behave as cohesively as possible to one another. Similar to how reserve teams work in sports, having a few individuals on your development team’s “reserve squad” can help lessen the workload on senior employees.

GitHub CEO: Artificial intelligence will not replace developers – ComputerWeekly.com

GitHub CEO: Artificial intelligence will not replace developers.

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