How to Meet and Date Korean Girls

Being a foreigner in Korea, it would likely often feel intimidating to approach the stunning Korean girls you see out each and every day. Often you might see a woman you REALLY want to satisfy, but just don’t know just what to express or how to speak with her in a manner that will make her feel thinking about or drawn to you.

This short article will share the greatest spots to meet up Korean girls and how approach the girls you’d like to date.

Locations to Find girls that are korean

One of many advantages of Korea (especially in Seoul) could be the volume that is sheer of you can observe and satisfy all of the time. If you choose to go a place like Gangnam, Hongdae or Itaewon, you’ll have plenty of precious Korean girls you are able to keep in touch with.

Bookstores and Cafes

Cafes and bookstores are great places to approach because frequently, when girls have been in these spots they will have plenty of leisure time! Once you stop a girl from the street, she could be pretty quickly and also you won’t have enough time to possess a discussion. Then she’s probably planning to be there for a couple hours, so it’s an ideal time to start a conversation if you see a girl sitting down at a cafe with her laptop out.


Street game is just about the form that is toughest of cool approach pickup to accomplish in Korea. It entails the greatest degree of skill, but in addition provides the best volume when it comes to girls you can easily approach.

The primary reason when it comes to trouble of street game is the fact that girls you notice from the street in many cases are going somewhere and may be too busy to possess a complete conversation. You also need to get girls to quit, therefore you have to really have your game dialed in.


Korean life is absolutely INSANE night! Korean everyone loves to party and there is no shortage of nightlife venues to satisfy Korean girls in Seoul. Clubs and bars additionally remain open quite later, giving you a lot of possibilities to meet up with Korean girls after dark!

Then itaewon is one of the best nightlife areas to start with if you’re new to Korea. It’s generally the absolute most foreign-friendly nightlife area in Seoul and most likely has got the percentage that is highest of English-speaking Korean girls. So, if you’re perhaps not yet comfortable with your Korean language capability, Itaewon can be a good starting point.

A few of the bars that are popular clubs in Itaewon to fulfill girls are Thursday Party, Glam, Fountain and B1.

The Gangnam area can be a great nightlife area, but recently they’ve been quite strict about permitting foreigners into a number established men ekşi of the clubs.

Two of this longest running and pickup venues that are best within the Gangnam area are MASS and Octagon dance clubs.

Because you may usually be refused from a few of the very popular nightclubs when you look at the Gangnam area, approaching girls in the street nearby the favorite groups can also be a great idea.

Simple tips to Approach Korean Girls

Now you know a number of the areas and venues where you are able to satisfy Korean girls, we’ll talk exactly how to actually approach them and begin a discussion.

Could I satisfy and date Korean girls without speaking Korean?

Probably the most typical questions expected by foreigners in Korea is if it is feasible to satisfy and date local Korean girls if you’re from a international nation and are usually perhaps not fluent in Korean.

The clear answer is YES! It is definitely possible up to now girls that are korean speaking proficient Korean. But, you’ll have an advantage that is definite you’re ready to spend some time learning the language and comprehending the tradition.

It’s important to consider that every people that are korean English at school when they’re growing up. So, all of them have fundamental knowledge of the English language and have now basic English discussion ability. The primary problem is they may feel uncomfortable or shy to speak the language with a foreigner that they don’t need to use English every day, so.

Here you will find the three MOST SIGNIFICANT things to do to prevent language barrier problems if you don’t yet speak Korean:

  1. Speak slowly – If you are a definite indigenous English speaker, your practice is most-likely to speak very quickly. Alternatively, slow your speech down whenever possible. Talk. With. A. Pause. In. Between. Each Term.
  2. Utilize Simple English – Start your conversations by talking at a kindergarten degree. Some girls may have English that is great ability, if that’s the way it is, you need to use more complex terms. However your default mode must be super simple English.
  3. Utilize body language use both hands and human body to demonstrate what you’re referring to. As an example, then shrug to suggest you want to know the time if you ask someone what time it is you can point to your wrist and.
  4. Use facial expressions – the capability to show many thoughts is an extremely attractive quality, specifically for Asian girls. Attempt to make exaggerated facial expressions to communicate different emotions like delight, sadness, shock, etc.

How to handle it whenever girls that are korean ‘no English’

It’s important to keep in mind that whenever girls state something like “I can’t speak English”, she’s definitely not rejecting you. She might just feel focused on her skill that is english degree.

If she says she can’t realize English, you need to show her that you won’t judge her and that you are able to understand her well. Show her that the language barrier won’t be a nagging problem for communication.

Once you stick to the advice in the list above and are also talking very gradually when using a lot of facial expressions and human anatomy language, then your girl will relax a bit probably and start to become more available to having a discussion with you.

You can also open Google translate and use that to make conversation easier for her if you’re still having a problem with communication while doing all of the things listed above.

How do I need to begin a discussion having a girl that is korean?

There are numerous different openers you can use with Korean girls. The simplest and most way that is natural start a discussion would be to approach her with something situational.

Begin with one thing fun and situational

Whenever you approach girls, you would like them to be having a good time also to benefit from the conversation. Always approach with a smile and commence with one thing funny and light.

If there’s something situational you can also use that that you can comment on. For instance, if a woman is consuming dessert at a cafe, you can ask her if it tastes good. You could approach a girl and ask what’s going on if you see a big crowd of people.

Whenever you look closely at your environments, you can usually show up with plenty of situational things you can make use of to begin a discussion.